Traffic Engineer (Baton Rouge, LA):

Perform traffic engineering and safety studies as per LADOTD’s Traffic Engineering Process and Report.  Perform traffic signal retiming, develop new signal coordination plans and field implementation by programing Naztec / Trafficware controllers.


Develop intersection traffic signal design plans, quantities, and cost estimates. Perform traffic forecasting and develop future year volumes using travel demand models.  Coordinate and perform data collection, traffic counts, speed counts, traffic signal inventories, and travel time runs. Perform traffic engineering studies, traffic signals warrant studies, traffic impact studies and microsimulation modeling.

Requires a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or foreign equivalent, with 2 years of experience as a traffic engineer.  LADOTD’s Traffic Engineering Analysis Process & Report, LADOTD’s Traffic Control Training and IMSA Traffic Signal certifications are a must. 


Please send resumes to

HR Manager 

Vectura Consulting Services, LLC 

8000 Innovation Park Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70820