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Data Collection

  • 24-hour traffic volumes with vehicle classification

  • Peak period turning movement traffic and pedestrian volumes

  • Peak period queue data

  • Crash data

  • Speed data

Studies | Analysis

  • Interchange Justification Report (IJR) Studies

  • Interchange Modification Report (IMR) Studies

  • Road Segment Studies

  • Corridor Progression Studies

  • Corridor Access Management Analysis

  • Intersection Studies

  • Roundabout Studies

  • Safety Studies

  • Parking Studies

  • Railroad Crossing Studies

  • Pedestrian Crosswalk Studies

  • Safe Routes to School Studies

  • Traffic simulation Modeling

  • Complete Street Evaluation

  • Traffic Signal Warrants Evaluation

  • Turn Lane Warrants Evaluation

  • Turn Lane Storage Length Analysis

  • Traffic Impact Studies for Private Development

  • Systems Engineering Analysis (SEA)


  • Traffic Signal Design

  • Temporary Traffic Signal Design 

  • Pedestrian Signal Design

  • Traffic Signal Timing Design

  • Traffic Management Plans

  • Intelligent Transportation System Design

  • Striping and Sign Design

  • Large Vehicle Turning Radius Design

Construction Engineering and Inpsection

  • Fulfill Project Resident Engineer duties

  • Develop sample plan and track all testing and documentation including fiber

  • Field visit to confirm mast arm foundation locations

  • Review all shop drawings and provide all shop drawing comments to Client

  • Process all pay estimates in SiteManager

  • Process all change orders in SiteManager

  • Approve daily logs

  • Confirm traffic control log daily

  • Upload traffic signal controller data to confirm / check timing variables

  • Sign and correct all signal plan as build plans

  • Provide documentation for end of construction checklist including 2059 report

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